Top Reads of 2016

The mark of a good book is not that it left you warm and fuzzy at its conclusion – the mark of a good book is that no matter what sort of response it elicits, the nerve is thoroughly pinched.

Top Albums of 2016

I often base my top albums of the year off of the memories that I have associated with listening to them. I feel like what you are about to read will not be as much a review of each of these albums, as it will be a reminiscing of the times that I experienced them, and the things that most affected me in those moments.

Infirmary Video Release

To those of you who have been asking for this video: I hope you love it. I hope you're able to spend time with friends and family today. Watch it with them. And if you find the holidays hard, or yourself alone... there's plenty of pain wrapped up in this poem, and you're not alone in that, either. 

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Your Friendly Christmas Tour 2016

Three years ago, my friend Kris Rochelle (Listener / Red Sweater Lullaby / normal human being) suggested that we plan a Christmas tour. I thought it was genius. It was an opportunity for us, as friends, to get to spend time together, and to spend a good amount of that time with the people who've literally made our projects possible as a poet and musician who get to share our art with the world... at a Christmas party. 

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LTP Essentials: F|W 16

We captured the F|W 16 line of what will be an expanding LTP Essentials collection in the East Downtown (EDO) district of our city. EDO is a small neighborhood along Historic Route 66, just east of the railroad tracks that split Albuquerque from the South, and run North as far as Santa Fe. It's a unique spot, architecturally, in an up-and-coming part of town that boasts beauty and color like no other part of town.

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Ink & Echo Podcast

I had the chance to sit down with Josh & Andy to have what turned out to be a pretty vulnerable and candid conversation about the relationships that exist between artists and fans, what it feels like to know that those relationships are directly connected to sustaining a livable income, thoughts on a person’s online persona as it relates to professionalism and the risks taken to be a genuine human being, and identity and worth as they relate to what we do and who we are.

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The Art Of Penance

There was a time when I’d scourge myself with the proverbial whips I’d written out to perform, as if to prove to an audience that I meant what I said. Indeed, doing what I could to stay in that pain became an addiction of its own. 

Open Air Podcast w/ Alex Sugg

We talk about a little bit of our history, my love for hip hop, my wholly narcissistic desire to be worshipped as a god, small business and self-employment, how – if there is such a thing as "glamour" as a touring artist – it makes up approximately 1% of the entire career, the inherent goodness of creation, what a normal, unhealthy day in the life of said "glamorous" career looks like, and how Madcap Coffee is the classiest coffee shop in the country.

My Boxes Are Collapsing

Life was more clearly defined when it fit into the filing cabinet, but these collisions are like hands reaching in to throw all those papers into the air so they rain down like the wonder it is to be alive and breathing, as if that were merely a categorical bore. 

A Small Death

As I was leaving Albuquerque to begin my last tour the morning after I said goodbye, I had the thought that driving away from my friends felt like a small death. It felt like small deaths the further east I moved. It feels like a small death when I think of going back home without them there, now. It feels like a small death when I think of my wife being home without the friends that used to be there for her when I was gone. 

You Are Not Alone

My heart has been heavy since I’ve been home. My tour ended the day that Alton Sterling lost his life. I had a show that night, and then a sixteen hour drive home from southeast Missouri to Albuquerque which we started right after the show ended. I drove all night long wishing I had something that could describe the kind of desperate heartache / sickness I felt – something to contribute along with the rest who felt the same way.

Dear Dad (The Tension)

As I sit here and try to figure out what to say, all I can think of is the word "mercy." That you were a man who understood the need for mercy. That you would long for me to be a man full of mercy. Even in your darkest moments you were able to perceive that mercy was the thing that we lacked. It's almost laughable, how poignant that statement was, like the eye of your storm spent on a glimpse of our future. 

The Work / Life Balance

When you work for yourself, there is no clock-in-clock-out unless you are incredibly disciplined at creating your own parameters, and most people aren't that disciplined. This is probably extra-true of artistic types who don't like any structure whatsoever. I sort of like the idea of both, so I switch back and forth between them and talk to everyone about how one is better than the other depending upon whether I'm in a season of waking up early and hitting the gym and regimenting my days, or if I'm awake until 3 a.m. because - you know - creativity only flourishes in the night or whatever.


I've deliberately read very little about Lemonade - before watching it, or in the interim between writing this admittedly random post - because...

HOSTS NEEDED: Booking for Ch. 03 of Levi The Poet's Dont Sink Tour is officially underway!

We have begun taking inquiries for the third installment of the Dont Sink Tour which we're hoping to start just over a month from now. Over this past week of being home, I've been in cahoots with many of you who submitted yourselves as potential tour hosts for the upcoming evenings, but the offer still stands: we'd love to hear from you if you think this night of community, coffee, conversation and performance would be a good fit for your town.

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Now Accepting Host Inquiries

Crowdsourcing these dates - an experiment that began with Chapter 02 in the Central US region this March - turned out to be a success, and we're booking Chapter 03 in the same vein.

What that means is: we're now accepting host inquiries from people in and/or around the cities listed for June and July this summer.

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