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A Tiny Tiny Tour Recap

A Tiny Tiny Tour Recap

Our Tiny Tour in the mid/southeast ended last night in Knoxville, TN, and I didn't want to let any time go by before I thanked those of you that helped make it a success. We enjoyed ourselves; enjoyed making memories. I even fell in love with a new favorite band - Bandit - at one of our Nashville shows with them, Sean Michel, Foreign War and '68. We got to eat Cookout thanks to all the Redeemer House kids in North Carolina. We made new friends in Boiling Springs, saw old friends in Georgia and South Carolina, and had great conversations every evening with folks that came to join us.

To our friends and fans, I appreciate you for taking a night out of the week to come support us at a show. I know you could have been anywhere else in the world, and it was an honor to have you with us. I hope you enjoyed the new performance, and I hope that it will not be a year until I'm back in that area again. 

One of the deep joys of revisiting old spots is seeing the growth in the artists that I get to perform with - many of whom have played two or three shows with me now, when I'm in the area. It's great to see poets, musicians, and artists progress over time. 

I know it's already April, but the year feels young, and we're gearing up for a great season, with some changes, some sameness, and hopefully some progression of our own. With all sincerity, thank you for continuing to follow along. Keep an ear peeled, because we're just getting started. 

Happy Easter. Turn off your phones and enjoy one another tomorrow. By the grace of God, we've got a lot to celebrate. 


My Friends In White Collar Sideshow Are Going To Germany

My Friends In White Collar Sideshow Are Going To Germany

In 2009, I toured with White Collar Sideshow for the first time. A mutual friend, Doug Van Pelt of HM Magazine, introduced me to T, their frontman, at Cornerstone that year. That was back when he still had seven million piercings all over his face and hadn't lost himself in the world of Maury mornings. 

At any rate, I fell in love with what they were doing. Their boldness in sharing a painful testimony on touchy subjects, and the excellence with which they did it, encouraged me. Inspired me. I toured with them quite a bit over the years leading up to my marriage, when Brandi and I moved into their 35ft RV full time… 

I don't think it was the easiest year of our life - two newlyweds trying to make the road work with three other people and their dogs, and whoever else happened to be touring with us at the time - but we were family, and it really felt like that. T, V and the Pig are some of my best friends in the whole world, and they gave Brandi and me a chance to be together, to serve and minister to people who's stories resonated with our own, and to have a sense of community when so many people are alone out on these highways. I wouldn't trade it. 

Right now, WCS is in the middle of a fundraiser in hopes of attending the Steiger Mission School in East Germany. They're about a quarter of the way funded, with 9 days to go. The school has a track specific to equipping touring artists for being sent into the world beyond church walls for effective mission. You can read all about it - including their specific prayer and financial needs - here. 

We're excited about what the Lord has in store for White Collar Sideshow.  If you've got fifteen minutes today, and maybe an extra fifteen bucks to spare, will you check it out and consider helping them get to Germany? 

Round Two of the #LTPTinyTour Begins Today!

Round Two of the #LTPTinyTour Begins Today!

Round Two of Levi The Poet's Tiny Tour begins tonight in Nashville, TN, at Rocketown! Our first #LTPTinyTour took place a few weeks back in the Southwest. We've got another one ready to announce at the end of this tour, as well, so be ready and keep an eye out for it! 

For those of you app-savvy friends out there, perhaps the easiest way to follow our tour schedule and be notified of dates in your area is to follow Levi The Poet on Bandsintown, here. You'll be automatically updated whenever LTP comes to town. 

Follow the hashtag #LTPTinyTour on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc, and if you're coming out to a show, # tag along with us! See you soon!


Levi The Poet's Southwest Tiny Tour Starts Tomorrow

Levi The Poet's Southwest Tiny Tour Starts Tomorrow

Our #SWTinyTour starts tomorrow in Tucson, Arizona. To see all venue information, times, and details for each event, check out the tour page here

(Please note: 3/23 in Yorba Linda is NOT a Levi The Poet show. Levi will be speaking at morning services for Friend's Church youth on behalf of All other dates regular shows.)

What Should I Do?

What Should I Do?

I need your help. I want your help. I've always tried extremely hard to interact with everyone who has shown any interest in Levi The Poet, whether that means listening to poetry videos that come in, reading through prose posted to Facebook, sympathizing with the pains of fans who have lost loved ones in ways that are similar to mine, or praying through addiction with others… All that to say, I love you guys, and I care about what you think. So I'm asking for your feedback. 

Should I separate "Levi Macallister" from "Levi The Poet"? 

Bear with me, because, especially for those of you that have followed LTP for a long time, this seems like a silly question. After all, Levi The Poet has only ever been an autobiography of my life. So what I'm not asking is, should I try harder to be someone I'm not? The issue is not the heart of the project, but the content released in association with it, especially regarding blogs, and social media. 

For example, should I keep posting random thoughts on my Levi The Poet Twitter, or should I start reserving that feed to news, and content specific to the project? (After all, how many people care whether or not my cat helped me make lunch? Maybe you are only interested in new poetry, and couldn't care less about my cat?) There are plenty of artists that I follow for the sole purpose of seeing their art, or hearing their music. There are plenty of artists that believe constant posting and personal insight takes away from the nuance and professionalism of their art. What do you think?

Another reason I'm asking this is because I'd like to blog more, and I'm planning on beginning to post guest blogs once a week here soon. I'm giving guest bloggers free reign to write about whatever they want. If you've followed my blog for a while, you know that I write about whatever I want, but I often struggle with what things I want to associate with Levi The Poet as an art project - a separate entity from my person. For instance, I articulated this tension when I wrote a recent blog about my pastor, who has been under a lot of heat since… he was born. 

To be clear, the issue here is not disassociation from potential conflict. Honestly, I've pretty much always done the opposite of stirring up any controversy, and I could probably have a lot of fun if I'd treat this all more like an op-ed and just let my thoughts be what they are without constantly playing devil's advocate for both sides of my opinion.

The issue is more: going forward, how do I want to present Levi The Poet to others? I still have a desire for the gospel to go forward, I still want to be on mission in all that I do, I still want to be "realistic, repentant and redemptive". But I also think that I am in transitional stage with some of the art that I am going to be releasing in the near future that might provide more opportunities for what I've heard Timothy Keller describe as a more subversive gospel presentation that allows for expanding demographics outside of the Christian community that already rallies around what I have to say.

The tension comes from the fact that the person who I am is the person who informs the art. 

If I change anything, it's not like my blogging plans will stop, I'll just do them elsewhere. It's not like my desire to model transparency has changed, I'm just trying to be a good steward of a position that I'm in by thinking through it. But, through the lens of a young man trying to expand and grow a business (you guys get that this is a passion… but it's a job… right?) and a Christian trying to be on mission reaching as many people as possible, do I want to risk inviting someone intrigued by a connection that they have with the art to a website whose blog might be so overtly filled with personal content that they feel immediately ostracized? 

I had this conversation with my friends Andy Othling and Alex Sugg over a beer the other day, and haven't been able to stop thinking about it. Andy has done a good job of separating Lowercase Noises from his tech-talk blogging and sees the value in separation, because he understands that not everybody who listens to Lowercase Noises cares about what pedals he uses, or how they work. Alex feels more like I should keep everything connected, because those of you that have followed Levi The Poet actually care enough to get to the end of a blog post that is this long so that you can provide feedback. You've been through everything with me. Lows - porn addiction, depression, dad's suicide - and highs - tour laughs in your houses, my marriage, looking forward to a home. 

So that's why I'm coming to you. Would you willing to take a minute or two to comment below and tell me your opinion? I am genuinely interested in what you have to say and hope that, whatever decision follows, you will be able to trust that I am making it within the context of a desire to grow and see others grow, and we will be able to stay connected for a long time to come. Thank you.