Sanctuary 7" Vinyl Preorder [LMTD 500] + Digital Download


The word Sanctuary means "a place of refuge or safety."

The year that led to these poems felt like a shot in the dark, or a cry for help, or a cloud – and they are inextricably connected to one another. They are pieces that grew from soil tilled with the pain of searching and the joy of those glimpses of freedom that come from walking alone along the Embarcadero in San Francisco, California or the streets of Capitol Hill in Seattle, Washington. 

Those Sanctuary Cities. 

These tracks represent a dichotomy. Paralysis and movement. Fear and courage. Despair and hope. 


Track Listing: 

  • Side A: ANXIETY
  • Side B: Sanctuary Cities


Sanctuary is being pressed to 7" 43g. Orange Crush w/ Black Smoke colored vinyl. 


As of right now, Sanctuary is in production, and your purchase is a PREORDER that will be shipped as soon as the record is available in the months following your purchase.


We are only releasing 500 pressings of the Sanctuary 7", and we will never press them again. 


That said, perhaps it would be helpful to consider your purchase as something more like a downpayment, or a reservation.


Each vinyl record comes with a free digital download that will be mailed along with your purchase.

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