HOSTS NEEDED: June / July 2017

Featuring Levi The Poet & Keyoung


Tour Host Requirement List

- Venue and Show Format -


Hello! We are looking for people to host Levi The Poet this June / July in the cities below. Levi will be joined by his friend and fellow performance artist, Keyoung, on a short run of dates next month. 

This tour will feature brand new and unreleased material from Levi The Poet, as well as a combination of poetry and songs from Correspondence (a fiction) and other previous albums. Keyoung will be performing material that can be heard here

We are booking these dates in a combination of private and public spaces. Please read the details below and get in touch right away if you are in or near one of these cities and can host / help promote a show.



Our goal for this tour is to create engaging, sensory-stimulating experiences for people to enjoy - audibly, visually, holistically - in environments that they’ll feel comfortable with. Each concert will feature a time for interactive discussion and Q&A.



We are currently looking for hosts in (or around) the following cities which are listed below. We will be booking a combination of house & venue shows on this tour, and will release the final cities and dates once we have solidified each of them.


San Antonio, TX 

Austin, TX | Venue Show Confirmed 

Dallas, TX 

Ruston, LA | House Show Confrimed

New Orleans, LA | Venue Show Confirmed

Memphis, TN 

Atlanta, GA 

Cleveland, TN | Venue Show Confirmed

Nashville, TN 

Hamilton, OH | Venue Show Confirmed

Columbus, OH | Venue Show Confirmed

Cleveland, OH | Venue Show Confirmed

Detroit, MI | Venue Show Confirmed

Chicago, IL | Venue Show Confirmed

Champagne, IL | Festival Show Confirmed

Springfield, MO | Venue Show Confirmed

Kansas City, MO 

Denver, CO 


Can you host a show?

We’ll make this as easy as possible for the hosts. In order to do that, we've written out a detailed list which will be regarded as required reading before accepting your submissions. You must read the following before submitting yourself as a host. 




This show must take place in an approved venue. Venue should be comfortable for the general public. Preferably, I would like to place shows in venues / spaces with good sound systems and promotional backing. This may include art galleries, shared working spaces, music, poetry or DIY venues, houses (these are really fun and intimate if they're done right), schools / colleges, and other urban settings, etc. It would be best if, during the performance - wherever it is - people weren’t screaming for their favorite football team, or frothing milk or grinding beans, or making other distracting, explosive noises. We also love it when the inside of a venue feels warmer than the freezing cold in winter, and colder than the scorching heat in summer. 

You don’t need seating for everyone. If you have a bunch of chairs, great! But most shows are floor seating and we let guests know they should bring a cushion or pillow to sit on during the show.

Let’s have a conversation about this one before confirming. 



Unless yours is a "poetry-only" event, this tour will feature an audio/visual performance that requires a space or backdrop suitable for projecting video from floor to ceiling (i.e. - staging arranged in front of a white or lightly colored wall, a sheet or projection screen to hang, etc). All lights - inside and out - must be turned off / blocked out during the performance. I will be traveling with my own projector for use during the show. Below are a few examples of what the performance will look like when arranged correctly:




We will be running extensive stereo backing tracks during my set, so it is imperative* that you, as a host, book a venue with / provide a quality stereo sound system with good low-end response (i.e., subwoofers)

In addition to that, you must provide:

  • Two XLR inputs for the stereo backing tracks
  • Two DI boxes
  • An additional XLR input for vocals
  • One vocal mic (Shure SM58/Beta 58 or similar) + stand



Someone must provide / be available to operate the sound board. This individual will need to arrive at the venue at a time that allows for a full sound check prior to doors opening.



Unless otherwise specified, meals are to be provided before the event. A healthy diet is difficult to maintain on the road, so we would ask for your assistance in clean[er] eating. Any questions or clarifications can be cleared or arranged with LTP or the booking / tour manager.

More specifics for meals and hospitality will be provided privately to serious inquirers for the tour.



Lodging for three people. Some examples of acceptable accommodations include: 

  • One hotel room. (This is the No. 01 preferred option.)
  • A home stay with a clean / comfortable / private bed and bathroom option. 
  • Wholesome dinner provisions.



Promotional resources will be made available in a digital format. All resources will be made available for download online. It is YOUR (HOST) responsibility to effectively distribute the materials given. Please take advantage of these resources and exploit them to the fullest extent to ensure maximum attendance potential for the engagement. This should include but is not limited to: 

  • Facebook events, boosted posts, and whatever means of social media you feel is most beneficial for getting the word out
  • Local supporting act has a strong following and will be expected to promote and sell tickets for the event to friends, family, etc. (One local - must be approved. No metal this time around - sorry guys. Working on more of a contemplative experience for this event.)
  • Printed flyers and local, in person, word of mouth promotion
  • Selling tickets locally in addition to online pre-sale options

As the host, it is your responsibility to take every opportunity to ensure the maximum attendance possible for the event. This means that the approved local act should have a strong following and will be expected to promote and open the event (one local opener, maximum). 

We will be providing online ticketing and pre-sale options, and the promotion that comes with it, from our end, but you as the host/promoter will be required to meet a minimum cost for the tour, whether it is entirely funded by ticket sales, an organization’s budget, or donations with the minimum in mind. 

No matter how many Twitter, Facebook or Instagram followers an artist has, YOU HAVE THE LOCAL ADVANTAGE, and will be expected to invite and encourage people who otherwise would not know about the event to come. 

We will need your help at the door the night of the show to check people in and/or take collect money if they haven’t purchased a pre-sale ticket. 

Finally, depending upon the decided location, we will discuss your preferences & details for the evening then (capacity / limited vs. unlimited ticket sales / alcohol or no alcohol / snacks for guests or not / etc). 



Specific finance and lodging requirements will be discussed privately with potential hosts/promoters, upon inquiry. To inquire for this tour, you may fill out the form below, or simply email [email protected]



Name *
Phone *
Tell us about yourself & your ideas for hosting this tour. What can we expect from you as an event host? Please provide location details / attendee expectations / promotional experience / etc.


If you have read through these requirements would like to host/promote in or near-to one of the cities listed in the above routing, please email us with any questions or concerns you may have. It is our goal to have this fully booked and prepared for as soon as possible so that we can give you, and everyone else, the best time for promotion and pre-sale and invites.

Finally, If you have a great idea that isn’t on this list - please share it! I want you, the host, to be as excited about this show as I am! I want to create a unique experience for people to enjoy and interact with, and I look forward to making this something we can all remember fondly fifteen years from now when I am old, and brittle, and have completely shredded my vocal chords.


With love and sincerity and all that I have to offer,

- Levi 


[email protected]