LIMINAL Conference 2017

  • Liminal Conference 2017 1956 Palma Drive Ventura, CA, 93003 United States

What is this year’s Liminal conference about? Creator – Creation – Creativity

Remember the old Bible story about the Tower of Babel? Our time is a lot like that. 

In Babel, the human family accomplished an extraordinary feat of engineering that had never before been seen on earth. Today, the human family is curing disease, eradicating extreme poverty and building a technological network to connect every person on earth. In both stories, people’s collective creativity and common purpose lead to previously unimaginable achievements — along with a total breakdown of community.

We can’t seem to understand each other. It’s like “they” are speaking another language, like we don’t even agree on the story we’re a part of.

In Babel, people were scattered to the four corners of the earth with no hope of reknitting their common bonds. Is that how our story will end?

Join us at the Liminal Conference. Together we will engage the possibility that the gospel of Christ is a Story that makes sense of our scattered stories. We will hear from thinkers and storytellers, musicians and poets — and from each other.




7PM – Brian Zahnd with music by Shelby Figueroa


10AM – Gareth Higgins

12PM – Lunch (Included)

2PM – Gareth Higgins

7PM – Brian Zahnd with performance by Levi The Poet


9AM – Brian Zahnd with performance by Levi The Poet

11AM – Brian Zahnd with performance by Levi The Poet


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**Group discounts are available

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September 28
Bluefields Cafe