Gilbert The Cat | 3" Embroidered Patch

Gilbert The Cat | 3" Embroidered Patch


About: People have been asking for Gilbert The Cat souvenirs for a long time. Perhaps you’ve seen my absurd Instagram highlight reel that I’ve collected throughout the years? We’re good friends, this dude and me. Little fluffy hairball boy? Often goes by other names such as: Gilly Billies, Gilbo, Bilbo and – every now and then – “You Annoying Alarm Clock?” Well, it’s official. He just got his big break. He doesn’t care, though. He’s just hungry.

If you'd like to commemorate a solid five or six year's worth of laughter and me obnoxiously yelling the Gilbert's name, support the animal (and the humans who feed him).

Features: 3” Embroidered Stitch or Iron-On Patch

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Want to complete your Gilbert love with his enamel pin, too? You’re going to have to steal it out of Godzilla’s grasp. <— Click here to add it to your cart before checkout.

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