Happy 100th Birthday to the LTP Weekly!

Guys – this is it!


As of today,  the LTP Weekly is ONE HUNDRED WEEKS OLD!


I still remember the very night I sat down and, inspired by a designer I followed at the time who had just completed his 100th "Sunday Night Letter," proposed the idea that we do something similar, here. 


Since then – as encouraged by my readers' overwhelmingly positive feedback – I've written a new, creative letter every single week for almost two years. 


I've written about faith, and art, and creativity.


Poetry, and friendship, and loss. 


Work/life balances, and productivity, and what things are essential, and what things are not. 


I've shared poetry that no one else has read before – let alone seen and heard (like the Fraction Members are able to see and hear it).  


Every week, the LTP Weekly is very much a brand new, creative endeavor.


It has been an honor to get to create for you for so long, and it has been humbling to receive the responses and enthusiasm that I do, week in and week out, from so many people who have chosen to value not only my work as a spoken-word and performance artist, but as a writer, as well. 


Thank you. 


I wanted to do something special today for the 100th Anniversary of the LTP Weekly, which is why I've chosen to make this particular video public.


I want to tell everyone about it, and invite more people in to see what's going on.


So to those of you who are reading (and/or watching) this, feeling slightly out of the loop, here's a brief look into the past, followed by a brief vision cast for the future... 


When I started the LTP Weekly almost two years ago, I wanted two things: 


  1. I wanted to challenge myself in new areas related not only to creativity, but to discipline and consistency, and 

  2. I wanted to do so in such a way that it would give my fans, followers and readers the opportunity to look forward to something of value more than every couple of years when I release a new record. 


So, I asked them (including some of you who are still following along today) if they'd like to be a part of an experiment with me: 


"If I were to begin writing to you on a consistent, weekly basis, would that be something you're interested in receiving and following along with as it grows and morphs and changes over time?"


Your responses were quick and enthusiastic "yesses," and since then, a lot has grown, and morphed, and changed. 


Thousands of people have since subscribed to join in and read new articles, or be challenged by new ideas, or hear new poems, or learn new ways of pursuing their own creative endeavors.


People write in with responses each week, giving feedback, asking questions and encouraging me to continue writing what many have since told me is their favorite part of what I do as an artist, period: considering the LTP Weekly an even more valuable contribution to their lives than the albums that I release. 


About a year later, I took that encouragement and created what you might recognize as something called Fraction, which is – in short – a membership platform that people could join which includes the LTP Weekly, now available to them as an audio and video podcast, but also provided an exclusive, behind-the-scenes entry into this entire Levi The Poet project, and allows for readers from all over the world to be a part of one-another's lives, if they want to be. 


Last year alone, members of what we've come to call The Fraction Club received:


  • private audio-letter podcasts, and
  • videos I've never released publicly before, and
  • behind-the-scenes info that I don't share elsewhere
  • early releases of every new track, EP, or record that I put out, and
  • hundreds of dollars worth of discounts on the LTP store, and 
  • an exclusive physical product (last year was a t-shirt, this year will be something new) that commemorates their membership.


I've featured some of their writing and photography on my blog each month, and every month, everyone in the club has the chance to hop on a Video Hangout together. We just did one this week. It's been really cool getting to see people (who care to) get to know one another through this platform.


I get to interact with people on the Facebook group every day, and we share stuff with one another... it's a cool vibe.


As a matter of fact, I asked some of the Fraction Members if they'd be willing to share their favorite things about the club with the rest of my readers (don't worry, I have their permission – this isn't a weird 'ol Zuckerberg scenario or anything): 


"Fraction has been an incredible breath of fresh air in a time in my life that has been very tumultuous and hasn't had much guidance or consistency. I’ve felt pretty alone in this time. Fraction has given me a community, virtual albeit, to connect and engage with other individuals, specifically Levi that are experiencing life together. The “Fraction” symbolism has been very profound and you definitely feel like a valued “fraction” of the whole. The community embraces you, Levi embraces you, and you are able to engage with like-minded people with some dope music and artistic tastes while they all navigate through this thing called life." – Weston Martin


"I enjoy the hang outs very much. I love seeing my favorite artist just talk and chill with other fans, some that i have made great friendships with." – Olivia Wade


“Fraction is very much an extension of Levi’s poetry and therefore an extension of his heart. It’s a place of community, a place where Levi doesn’t rule over people and create a pedestal for himself, but instead welcomes people in to his thoughts and musings and allows others to share their own. On top of this there’s cool discounts and epic behind-the-scenes/first look stuff. This feels less of fan-group and more of a family." – Tom Young


"Definitely worth joining, a great way to support an amazing artist and join a community that does the same." – Tobias Kersey


"Seven years ago, I heard 'Kaleidoscope' for the first time. Like any angsty 15-year-old, I wanted to continue listening to the poetry that made me feel like other people got it – other people understood the battles in my head that I wasn't sure I could vocalize. I kept digging, and I kept listening. I began to realize that art could foster a community of likeminded individuals who experienced some of the same realities as me – and LTP's art has fostered one made up of some of the most gifted people I have had the pleasure of knowing. Just over a year ago, the Fraction Platform came live, and I immediately opted in in hopes of interacting with people whose lives have been impacted by the very same poetry that gave me hope in some of the darkest times in my life. Though these relationships are virtual, they feel incredibly real and genuine. Friendships have been made, art has been shared, and encouragement is always offered. Art fosters a community, and this community is worth being part of." – Dani Krambeer


It's pretty rad, I must say, to hear that kind of feedback from folks. 


So, today, it's the 100th anniversary of the LTP Weekly, and I have some changes to announce, and I want to celebrate by inviting you to be a part of The Fraction Club, too. 


After just over a year of its existence, I'm pleased to say that I've been working behind-the-scenes to create more opportunities for people to get involved based on the feedback I've received, and the stuff that's important to you. 


Click here to sign up for The Fraction Club.


Here are some of the additions that I've made to what you'll receive as a Fraction Member: 


Every LTP Album: Now, when you sign up to be a Fraction Club Member, I'll send you one digital record per month from my whole collection for as long as your membership lasts. That's 4 full-length records, 4-EPs, multiple singles and feature tracks, and more as I release new work, sent digitally over the course of your membership. 


The Fraction Club Store: Access a password-protected webstore with exclusive designs and items not available anywhere else. (This store is in-progress and will be live soon!)


A New Price Option: I get it – some people just don't care about all of the extra stuff... you just want to read the dang letter! So... I created something new for you... 


Here's the deal – and this is a major change, so please stick with me: beginning next week, I'm going to be making the LTP Weekly Letter an exclusive, Fraction Club only thing.


Click here to sign up for The Fraction Club.


The truth is – although many Fraction Club Members joined for the ease of being able to support something that they love (and for that, I am incredibly grateful) I've always considered this creative endeavor like a product that I have the chance to deliver to my readers and followers. 


For the last 100 weeks, I've simply delivered this product for free to anyone and everyone who wants it. A lot of people have wanted it, and I'm thankful for that. 


Moving forward, I have decided that I am going to treat the LTP Weekly with the same value as you guys have ascribed to it throughout the past couple of years. I thank you for that encouragement, and would like to invite you to continue forward with me, once again, into the next phase of this endeavor, by joining The Fraction Club. 


Click here to sign up for The Fraction Club.


I added even more to the membership as it exists now, if you'd like to be a part of it.


I also created a brand new option for those of you who would simply like to continue to receive the LTP Weekly each Sunday night at a cheaper price.


At the risk of sounding incredibly cliché, you can keep receiving the LTP Weekly 

  • AND get the audio-podcast version,
  • AND have the option to watch the video reading,
  • AND have access to the entire archive of letters, 
  • AND be able to comment / converse with other members in the Fraction Forum...


for less than it costs to buy a cup of coffee from a gas station each week. 




We're not even talking a Starbucks coffee, or some expensive, third-wave roaster. We're talking a solid buck-and-a-quarter a week to continue receiving the LTP Weekly that you've grown to love, and more. 


I'm stoked about what The Fraction Club has become, and I'm looking forward to continuing to give you The LTP Weekly and interacting through it. 


Thanks so much for following along on the journey thus far, and thanks, in advance, for going one step further with me as I continue to build upon – and seek to improve – all that has lead up to this point so far. 


Click here to sign up for The Fraction Club





P.S. – These changes are going into effect THIS WEEK, so if you don't want to miss out on next week's letter, please check out all of the options that I've created for you, here, and sign up for The Fraction Club package that best suits your fancy. 


P.P.S. – I'll likely reach out a bit more than normal in the coming days as I try to lead everyone through this transition. As always, please don't hesitate to respond with any questions or concerns you might have, or clarifications you might need. I imagine that'll be really helpful, and hopefully it'll help me pay the answers forward to others who might have the same questions, as well. I'll look forward to it. 


P.P.P.S. – In addition to the 100th Anniversary of the LTP Weekly, I rebuilt my entire website from the ground-up, and would love it if you checked it out. Everything is up-to-date and should be a lot easier to navigate moving forward. There's a search bar and all kinds of goodies to make it easier for everyone, and I also built a new "Thrift Store" featuring a ton of LTP designs – old and new – for those of you who are interested in it (plus, if you join The Fraction Club this week, you can get that stuff for even cheaper – yep, member discounts work on everything). 

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