TWLOHA: The Story Of Rearview Memories

Dear family and friends, 

My dad left a good legacy, and a moment of defeat does not negate it. It will be one that stretches beyond the scope of his family, and ripples out and on. Each year, approximately one million people die from suicide, and mental health disorders like depression are associated with more than ninety percent of them. 

Today, an organization named To Write Love On Her Arms (TWLOHA) is releasing a story about my family. TWLOHA is a non-profit organization dedicated to presenting hope and finding help for people struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury and suicide. Last year, TWLOHA won a $1 Million dollar grant from Chase Bank's American Giving Awards, created to honor outstanding charity organizations. To date, they have invested an equivalent amount in treatment and recovery through counseling scholarships and various organizations for all people regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation or religious belief. "This is a project for broken people, and it is led by broken people."

Recently, my sister and I were privileged to co-write a song about our dad with our friend, Gage Speas, and his band To Speak Of Wolves, entitled "Rearview Memories." This summer, To Write Love On Her Arms flew out to meet us, support us, and tell that story - our story. 

It is my prayer that the video they put together will honor my father and his Creator, who knit the man together at birth, and welcomed him into eternity with open arms at death. 

Here, I have attached a link to the blog I wrote the week we received news of my father's suicide: The Death Of My Father (Great Mourning & Great Rejoicing Are In Order)

It is also my prayer that you who have suffered, are suffering, and will suffer, will know that you are not alone. The love of God is not contingent upon a sweet or bitter providence, and the love of God burns brightly for you.

For the honor and glory of the one by whom, through whom and to whom all things are created (and all things are taken away),

Levi Morgan Macallister

Son of Mark Stephen Macallister, 1950-2011


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