Awkward Blues Tour: Day #7

Yucca Valley and Concordia University were awesome shows.

Got to see my friend BJ and a bunch of the kids at Joshua Springs last night. I've done their youth camps in Big Bear for a couple of years in a row, and have been going there since the In The Midst of Lions days.

Tonight's concert at the college was in an outdoor amphitheater. A couple Tithemi dudes came up (down?) from Redlands. My friends Shawn and Kelly Honsburger and their beautiful baby girl, Tegan Vanderlyle, came to see me. They are friends and well-respected leaders that I met through Mars Hill ABQ and went through Re:Train with me last year. They moved out to live and serve here in OC not too long ago, and we sure miss them in Albuquerque.

We have tomorrow off, and I was going to stay with the band in Irvine and do a beach day with Simeon and his wife - the RYFO Network heads that put on our show - but found out that my friend Craig Gross and his son Nolan were willing to come grab me so we could spend some time together where their family lives in Pasadena... So, now I'm in Craig's guest room, watching Mission Impossible 5, or whatever the last one is.

Lots of friends and amazing people. So grateful for those of them that have gone out of their way to love on me and, vicariously, Brandi, during this tour.

Alright well, I'm tired. I've maybe got more to say, but it'll have to come later.