Awkward Blues Tour: Day #9

Caught an Amtrak Coastliner from Pasadena down to Oceanside for our show tonight. My dad always used to say that he couldn't sit backward on a train or he'd get sick. As a kid, I thought he was crazy. Now, I'm in queasy agreement.

Had a great day off with Craig and his family. I got to watch Nolan on the set of one of his movies, and filmed Elise singing along to the entire Car Radio song from 21 Pilots. She knows every word, and screams the parts at the end. Sent it to Tyler. Said it made his day. 

Anyway, I guess I can't post this blog without mentioning Roscoe's Chicken & Waffles. I think Craig got food poisoning after we ate there, but he swore it's an important part of LA life that I can't miss out on (like, President Barack Obama went there - they've got his pictures hanging all over the walls, so I guess that says something, though I don't know what). Fried chicken and waffles, y'all. Made it happen. 

I'm really looking forward to this next week of tour. We'll be in Carlsbad tonight, Bakersfield tomorrow, Rancho Cucamonga, Fresno, Vegas… should be a great string of shows. Also, we booked Redding for Monday. Super last minute, but a kindhearted soul came through with a venue, so we filled that. Will have details up soon. 

Now passing the A's stadium in Anaheim. 

Holy crap we just passed a Hometown Buffet! When I was a kid, that was my favorite place to eat. I used to get huge portions of corn and eat three plates of them. One at the beginning of the meal, one mid-meal, and one at the end, before the soft-serve ice cream. My grandparents used to take my sister and me there, and we'd get balloons from the guy that walked around with them. The perfect place to gluttonize yourself into oblivion. 

I'm realizing that today's journal is turning into a series of twitter-posts on the meaningless things that I hate reading about, so that's going to be all for now.