Awkward Blues Tour: Day #15

Knew I wasn't going to be able to keep the blog up on the daily. I love the video Micah made that I posted on Day 11, though. 

So what happened? We played a show in Rancho Cucamonga, ate In-N-Out (hard to believe that a person could get sick of it, but you know what, I'm almost there… blasphemy!), woke up to an amazing quiche breakfast that our hosts prepared to send us out on our way to Vegas. 

Fresno cancelled. Turns out we had been booking with a guy who wasn't completely honest with us about the event, and I only found out that the show was off because I called another friend to try to get merch shipped to his venue (to which he responded, "Wait, you're coming to Fresno?"). I'm just glad we didn't drive all the way there to find out about it. Such a drag! Fresno's one of my favorite places to play out west, and I was so disappointed that we got dropped. Next time I'll know. Made up a little jingle for it, too: "If you happen to go off touring through Fresno, only book with Kuppajoe." FYI, kids. 

So anyway, we drove to Vegas early, met up with Kris Rochelle who booked the show for the next day, and stayed at Texas Station Casino & Hotel. We played arcade games and won ourselves plastic sheriff badges. After Kris left for the night, everyone crashed, but Bradley (Sean Michel's drummer) and I wasted one-hundred cents playing penny slots. I don't really get it, but I pressed buttons for a half hour till my dollar was gone. 

Honestly, even though Fresno would've been great, it was really fun having a day to rest before some really long drives that got us up to Redding and Portland. The night of show, Christin Nelson came down to hang out, and then we stayed up at his place in Pahrump. Loved seeing his studio, Love Buzz. He built the thing with his own bare hands, and I followed the twitter progress, but seeing it myself was amazing. Listened to records and caught up. 

Slept for two hours, got up at four, and drove for seven. We had a last-minute gig that pulled through for Redding, California two nights ago. I love playing Redding. I've played there every time I've come out to the coast for the last four years, and built some pretty cool relationships with the Bethel kids going to school in the city. Last week, that was another venue that fell through. Six days ago, a girl that moved up here from my buddy's church down in Redlands emailed and got the show together. It was awesome. She fixed up the backyard with Christmas lights and cozied up the house. I think sixty kids came out? With six days' notice, that's awesome. 

Portland last night. Well, Gresham. A student at Multnomah - Willie Pate - put the gig together, and it was a blast. A couple solid, local poets / hip-hop artists opened up the event and killed it. Jamison Ketchum and Fallstar came out to support, and we grabbed a beer together afterwards. 

We're getting ready to head up to Seattle to hang and participate in Mars Hill''s Student ministry at the West Seattle campus. I'm excited about it. It's not a normal show - honestly I don't even know if I can do the video stuff - but I'm really excited to meet Adam Ramsey, the student pastor up here. Brandi and I serve Mars Hill Students in Albuquerque, and the only time Adam came down for our summer camp, I was on the road, so it'll be good to connect. 

I love Seattle. Favorite place in the world. Just waiting on the van to head that way. Sean Michel's manager had to take it into the shop last night for some pretty serious fixes. Brake problems. We actually just found out that they raised enough support to match the expense, almost to the exact dollar amount, in just 15 hours thanks to tweets and status updates. Thanks you guys. 

Hard to believe that this tour is almost done. We've got a lot of ground to cover in the next five days. Seattle, Boise, Salt Lake City, Denver, and Albuquerque. Stoked to do this new set at home. 

Welp, that's the overview.