Awkward Blues Tour: Day #18

Last night's show was the first time I've ever played Boise. There used to be a hair-stylist who ran a salon / venue called Blood, Sweat & Shears and wanted to book me through, but it never happened, and I don't know that whomever that was, came. Good turnout, though. Upwards of sixty people through the door at District Coffee House to listen to me and dance to Sean. It was fun. The kid responsible for connecting with the local promoter took us out to a taco truck afterwards. I am falling in love with little street tacos, man. Lengua, cabeza, al pastor. 

Driving to Salt Lake City now. Crazy to think that tomorrow night, we'll be headed to Albuquerque. Parts of this tour have felt so slow, but hindsight always leaves you wondering where the time went. Definitely one of the best parts of touring is making great friends in the towns you frequent, and tonight is no different. I feel like all I've really written about have been friends here, friends there. That's fine. Mr. Tommy Green is coming out; Chris and Carol Wilson. The guy we're playing with at the Shred Shed is named Andrew, and his music is wonderful. Should be a fun show. 

Today Bradley told me that I've been touring with a girl for too long. Mental note to remember to tell my wife that I have a newfound appreciation for keeping her farts to a minimum when we're on the road. 

Here's a good story. Two weeks ago, when we were in Denver for The Chariot's farewell tour, I got a ticket while parked at a meter downtown - one that I thought was unwarranted, as my time wasn't up yet. A few days ago, Brandi called to dispute it, but the lady told her that the citation wasn't for parking; it was for an expired sticker. We never got a renewal notice from the DMV, which we thought was weird, so Brandi started making some phone calls around town and checked our registration history. Turns out the City of Albuquerque still thought I lived in a house that I haven't lived in for three years, and any notices sent there never came back, and never forwarded. Our car - our tour vehicle that we put fifty-thousand miles on this year - hadn't been registered since February. Brandi had to re-register it, re-smog it, and pay double on the Denver citation. Sucks that we stacked another couple-hundred onto this month's bills, but if we hadn't gotten that ticket in Denver, we wouldn't have known, and we'd have been in way more trouble to have been pulled over in Albuquerque, unregistered.

Oh the joys!

Alright, pulling into SLC. We've got a "matinee show" - starts at three, ends at six. Sounds wonderful to me.