Awkward Blues Tour: Day #19

If my dad were alive, he would have been sixty years old today. He never thought he was going to make it past twenty-five, but my mom sent me a text saying he never would have wanted to make it to sixty. I forgot that he used to say that. That's probably a funny thing now, in one way or another. 

We're driving from Salt Lake City through to Denver today, and then overnight from Denver to Albuquerque tonight. Almost home. Almost home. Last night, we stayed with Colin Kimble, one of the As Cities Burn guys. I told a friend of mine back home that my fifteen year old self would have been ecstatic, but my twenty four year old self wanted to be home by a fire. Haha. Can't say it wasn't an honor to meet him, though. We had a good time talking about horror movies and how Cabin In The Woods kills all others. That new Evil Dead movie was on TV. Not my favorite. I'd pick the original any day.

Man I've got nothing to write about right now. Some days are like that.