Awkward Blues Tour: Day #1

That's my buddy Jacob in the picture above. ^ He tours full time with Sean Michel, and let me tell ya, he's a hoot.  

I'm probably going to kick myself for saying this, but I've decided to endeavor to blog, daily, my way through this tour. This is what I attempted to post yesterday:

Right now, I'm sitting in the Southwest Terminal at Dallas Love Field, thoughts spread thin trying to decide whether or not to write this, read the new Bonhoeffer biography I just bought, or play with my phone (which finally came in and, though I've said this before, if you saw my old phone , you'd be as excited as I am about it).

Today, the #AwkwardBlues Tour with Sean Michel starts in little ol' Benton, Arkansas, just south of Little Rock. Two days ago, I found a floral, old-lady luggage bag at Goodwill that was big enough to carry my equipment for fifteen bucks. Yes, I actually have "equipment" on this tour. Right now, it is being pushed around some cargo area of an airplane, causing a decent amount of anxiety at my entertaining the thought that the brand new projector lens will shatter before the first date happens (and those things ain't cheap).

At any rate, Brandi dropped me off at the airport this morning. It was great having that extra hour of sleep - thanks Daylight Savings (or Losings - I never really understand which). This is the first tour that I've done without Brandi since we were married in April of 2011. I'm excited that she's able to have some solidarity and consistency at home for the remainder of the year, but it's a bittersweet change for us. Last month marked the two year-anniversay of our departure from living with our good friends in White Collar Sideshow, but even though we haven't been literally  living on the road since then, we've still been doing a lot of road living. I'll miss her, she's my best friend, but I'm excited that Brandi has the opportunity to stay home and hang out with her friends (and the cat - our beloved Gilbert).

Please keep us in your prayers as we're apart for this month. Satan loves to destroy marriages, and he never fights fair. It's just like him to go after my wife, and I'm praying for her protection while I'm away for a bit.

Alright, what else? I'd like for whatever is posted in the days to follow to simply be me. I've always hated censorship, but I've always found it funny that the thing people ended up liking about Levi The Poet was its reality, so of course, in face of public opinion, reality is the first thing that threatens to go. If the heart is an idol factory, then the internet is the easiest place to construct an image of our edited selves for the world to worship. (Or is it coincidental that you're more apt to post status updates about your successes than you are your failures?)

Of course, I guess I also have to recognize that discernment is a valuable practice.

Basically, all I'm trying to say is that if I find a good microbrew that I enjoy on this tour, I'm going to write about it. I'll bet you some of my edge friends will even continue to like me.

Just kidding. I mean, about how that's all I'm trying to say, not about the beer or friends.

Looking forward to being back on the west coast this month. Here's to good times ahead.

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