Awkward Blues Tour: Day #3

It is 4:24 am. Sean Michel's tour manager, Jay Newman, is driving through a rainstorm in the middle of nowhere, Texas. It really seems as though there is a lot of middle of nowhere Texas, and we still have 330 miles 'till El Paso. 

El Paso. 

We're driving to Phoenix. Are you kidding me?

Anyway, I'm introducing him to Propaganda and the first thing he says after listening to "Don't Listen To Me" is, "That wasn't really a rap." 


Tonight's show (well, last night's) in Austin was fun. My friend Doug Van Pelt came out to the show, along with an amazing neighbor of mine from when I used to live out at the HM Magazine ranch house during my internship days back in '08. Few old friends from Mars Hill ABQ came out. (They even Instagrammed about how I'm on tour with Duck Dynasty - a comment that, for Sean, is the equivalent of people asking me if I've ever heard of Listener or Bradley Hathaway). 

Live video has worked two whole days in a row now. Haha.

We'll be pulling into Phoenix in… I don't know. I guess when I get the wifi to post this, we'll have already gotten to Phoenix, anyway. Over ten hours left, anyway. I need to find out who's booking in El Paso. Bands are literally skipping Albuquerque to play in El Paso recently, but I don't have any idea who's pulling them down. Would be nice to break up drives like this, though. Plus, the last show I did down there was years ago, and even that was Cruces. 

So it's my turn to drive next. Playlist is gonna be: Damien Rice "O", Macklemore "The Heist", Brand New "Daisy", Modest Mouse "Good News For People Who Love Bad News", Audioslave self-titled, and The National's "Boxer". Probably some new Beautiful Eulogy, as well. Would love to write a review for that record (or, at least, an appreciative commentary). 

Earlier in the drive, a quail flew into our window. Is quail singular and plural? Is that how you spell quail?

I also took my first slow motion video on my phone of Jay helping me pour hot water into a Ramen Noodle cup. 

4:48 am. 

My friend Craig would appreciate this drive. Yo Craig, where you at, dog? Queen of Versailles…?

Has anyone seen that documentary? Craig and I watched it during the drive from… what? Portland to Sacramento? Don't recommend it. The drive, not the film. I mean, I recommend the film, but not while driving.

Anyway, there's this part in it where this rich lady that has never driven on her own before starts to loose all her money, and she has to rent a car. First, she flies commercial and asks her children how they enjoyed "their first flight with other people" (as opposed to a private jet). Then, she rents a car, and when Hertz or whatever hands her the keys, she surprisingly asks him where her driver is. I remember laughing out loud. 

Maybe you had to be there. 

Well, anyway. Queen of Versailles. Documentary is on Netflix. You're welcome. 

5:14 am.