Awkward Blues Tour: Recap

We're just over a week removed from the Awkward Blues Tour, and I thought, well, my lack of a conclusion was sure anticlimactic. Better finish it up… 

It took us eighteen hours to get from Denver to Albuquerque. We had planned on driving through the night, but a snowstorm demanded our sleeping at a gas station north of Trinidad. A few hours later, we got down to the Raton Pass and weather signs necessitated our getting chains. Three hours later, when we'd finally found the chains and hooked them up, we drove back to the interstate, where the roads were effectively clear, and we didn't need them at all. 

Albuquerque was a great show. A lot of friends came out, and I appreciate that so much. Jacob Baggett even played a song at the end of Sean Michel's set, and we all had Cricks In Our Necks after that. I've got to find a way to post the video of his song… 

Jay Newman, the infamous @Big_Dread, was sick as a dog for the end of the run, but he and the band made their sixteen hours trek home the following afternoon, and marked the end of tour. Jay is still alive. 

I think that the Sean Michel band is amazing at what they do. Their show is excellent, entertaining, and I appreciate their hearts for Kingdom work, wherever that work takes them. But my greatest joy on the tour came from simply building relationships with the guys in the band. I feel like I knew Jay and Sean better than I did Bradley and Seth, and I very much enjoyed getting to know them, and hear some of their stories. And Jacob, man… I like Jacob a lot, even though he kept popping my space bubble with way too many  wet willies. I hope that the friendships that we built are friendships that will last. 

Lastly, a lot of people deserve our sincerest "thanks" - there are too many to count or name without forgetting others equally due the appreciation owed them, but I've got to name a couple. Redding, CA, you guys are amazing for getting that house show together so quickly when it looked like another date was falling through. Hannah and Amy, you rule. Thanks for being awesome hosts. Kris and Christin, same goes to you guys. It was fun getting to hang. Anneliese, the fish tacos were great. Denton, I'll always love playing with you most of all. Portland, Seattle… you'll always be my favorite cities, and the people I meet there are consistently a blessing to my life. Thanks for extending that hospitality to us. Always look forward to Arvada and the Neill's. 

To everyone that came out and made our Awkward Blues Tour happen, thank you. I had so much fun doing this new set with the video and added production. I know it is ultimately in its adolescent stages, but I was very excited to bring something new to the west coast, and I hope you enjoyed the progression. I'm continually honored, humbled, and amazed at the fact that people care to come out and support what we're doing.

I'll end with Sean Michel's words: "Thanks for coming out to the show. If you didn't, this would've been called 'practice.'"