Today's #FreeVerseFriday is a piece I wrote for a collaboration song with Abraham The Poor in January 2011. You can stream and download that song, along with the rest of his album, here.

Oh, if I could contain myself in this comfortable little shell,

I'd like to think I wouldn't, I know I couldn't,

but there's a lot of thinking that goes on in my head, in my bed at night,

and I know I shouldn't but I question just how tangible you really are.

And I have been waiting for years for my healer to heal these scars,

but my heart keeps getting harder and harder and harder and it's so hard 

to see through these finite lenses, hoping beyond hoping that 

infinity remembers that we tried... God if this is refinement then that's fine,

but it's been going on for such a long time, and I

I have waited, you know I've waited - and how much more of this waiting 

am I supposed to take? 

But I am pleading, Lord, you know I'm pleading! 

How long am I to plead until you let me breathe...

Is this all suffering for suffering's sake, cause I'm awake

Take me through this, and then take this away

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