June 2nd

We drank brass monkeys and talked about,

thought about,

culture shock beneath a ceiling fan.

Well I can listen to you sleep and not digest a single thing.

It cannot be anything but grace

that has gotten us this far,

because we don't have anything to say.

"You think too much."

Accuser, is that a compliment

as I neglect the letter of the law?

All the love is gone.

All your love is gone.

All my love is gone.

When the spirit whispers, I heard it and try to listen.

Repentance begins in the


and I don't mind,

I don't mind.


your own business.


Let the fullness of life

be extinguished


a backdrop painted broken

on a scroll rolled out

to reveal our closets

in all their majesty,

blinded beneath

his majesty.

Your majesty,

I am asking and seeking

and prodding and weeping




Vain and beautiful.

Unbridled and un[broken].

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