Covenant College | Thank You


A couple of weeks ago, I was invited to Covenant College in Lookout Mountain, GA, to fly in and perform at their school. I have never been to Lookout Mountain, GA before, but when I landed in Chattanooga, TN, I told my new friends that I was excited to be there, because the name made me feel like I was living in a fairy tale. Ironically enough, when we made it to the mountain, the streets were named after common fairy-tale characters, so I felt justified in spending my day as Peter Pan. 

A bit of backstory. I began attending a theological training program last August, called Re:Train. Since then, my wife has graciously taken over nearly everything involved in booking events for Levi The Poet in order to allow me the opportunity to attend class and write papers for The Resurgence Training Program, and continue to cast vision and create content for Levi The Poet. All that to say, I didn't know anything about Covenant College. As it turns out, Covenant is "The Reformed Christian Liberal Arts College of the PCA… that exists to explore and express the preeminence of Jesus Christ in all things." Apparently, Tullian Tchividjian had just been there to speak, and Kevin DeYoung was soon to follow. I was pretty excited about the lofty mission of my Presbyterian brothers and sisters there, and later told my wife over the phone, 

(just like a nerd): "Things have been great! The show was great, the people are nice, and we've been talking theology all day."

(To which she responded, laughing): "So, basically, I'd be bored, but I booked you the best show ever?"

The college is set up on a literal "Lookout Mountain." From Rock City, it is said that you can see seven states from the scenic overlook with your naked eye on a clear day (Wikipedia says this isn't true, but what does Wikipedia know about what's true?), and it was a clear day. I wish that an iPhone photo would do it justice, but there's no way to catch the breathtaking landscape as you look north out and beyond nearby Chattanooga, to the Knoxville mountains of Tennessee. 

At any rate, I just wanted to offer a simple thank you to Covenant College. I know mine wasn't a school-wide event held for all to recognize, but those of the students that did contribute were wonderfully hospitable. I left Covenant the next day reflecting, specifically, on the community aspect of their college life. I know and understand that most of college life is inherently communal, but after taking a tour of the various residence halls (especially Catacombs - y'alls place was crazy), interacting with the students there, and spending time with my hosts, I realized that I so appreciated the way biblical community was being lived out in tangible ways. The way that the Holy Spirit took head knowledge and transformed hearts with it in such a way that His presence emanated from the people did reflect the school's mission for Christ's preeminence in visible, tangible ways. 

I hope that, in the future, Covenant College will consider having me back. Hopefully my wife can come along next time. If anyone at the school ever reads this, please accept my thanks and appreciation for going out on what may have been a limb, especially for Parent's Weekend. I honor you and value your dedication to raising up disciples for the honor and glory of the One by Whom, for Whom, through Whom and to Whom all things exist. 

Levi (the poet)

A few of the students at Covenant interviewed me and wrote up a story / recap of my time there. You can see read their stories here and here