The Most Beautiful White Speckle Falling Of All

Look out the back window
I wanted to find you in the winter 
Mixed into the snow
And you'd be the most beautiful white speckle falling of all
Make me timeless
Make me timid
I'll share my hot chocolate with you
When you dissipate into the ground
"…Well that's the same ground I came from…"
And we both grew out beneath that weeping willow tree
I cried myself to sleep for days and days 
Knowing it was crying for me
And when those leaves blew across your beautiful face "…in one of my dreams" 
I rose up my hands while you sang

I can see

And would you be here for me
When our shelter's gone?
I'd like to say I believe I'll still sing though I'll sing a somber song 
When grandfather's got nothing left to his roots and he screams
(While falling) - "you know I can't hold on"

Wait for me here
I'll be falling, falling, falling for you no matter 
How far or how long
And when you wake you will still see me just as vividly as in make believe 
Whisper, "That snow angel your little sister just made
Is the same angel as in my dreams…"

And she shone out beneath that weeping willow tree

Rose up her wings while I sang

I can see

I'll still have tears to spare for you
When that willow's wept its last 
I see the storm as it comes, it cries out "you know that I am not strong" 

Child, listen I have cried for so long,

"But I'll still sing for you
When you think you've lost your song,
I'll be the melody that puts you to sleep 
When you think that you cannot hold on…
I'll still sing for you
I'll scream to find the void in your soul
And when you think that you have lost me
I'll carry you far from the cold."

You'd be the most beautiful white speckle falling of all

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