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I figured it's about time to give everyone an update on plans for the year, and invite you to participate. We're going headlong into a busy 2013 that feels like it's finally starting.

These are the plans. Like everything, plans change. This isn't a stone-set itinerary. It's an idea. If you are someone who would like to write some new plans into these ones, don't hesitate to ask.

Here's what is on the horizon:


Levi The Poet (and girls) Tour | #ltpandgirlstour

In under one week, the first tour of the year starts, and we're headed southeast. The dates are posted, with a few more on the way, here

Northeast Run (June 17 - 22)

Two weeks after we get home from #ltpandgirlstour, we're headed northeast, through Oklahoma, Texas, Missouri, Kentucky, and up into Ohio. We are currently taking offers for this run, which you may submit by emailing

Lakeside Camp 

Have you ever seen The Truman Show? Lakeside Camp reminds me of the utopian Truman Show in the best way possible. For three years in a row now, we've been privileged to participate in a series of youth camps at Lakeside Marblehead, Ohio, right on the shore of Lake Erie. We are privileged to return this June / July for nearly two weeks with our camper family. 

Ohio State Weekend Dates (June 27 - 30)

While in Ohio for the camp above, we're going to have the chance to tour regionally around the state on the weekends. Shows will start popping up as we get them solidified. It's been far too long since I've been in Ohio. I think the last time was with In The Midst Of Lions and The Gun Show in 2010. Hopefully we'll be able to make it happen with more regularity from here on out. 

San Antonio Youth Gathering (July 1 - 4)

From July 1-4, Brandi and I will be in San Antonio, TX, along with Craig Gross and XXXChurch. More details to come.

East Coast Tour [(Finally) July 13 - Aug 3)

In the history of Levi The Poet, I've probably been on the east coast twice. Neither of them were my tours, and neither of them allowed for me to do full sets or spend much time with the people there. This July, we're finally remedying that. We've gotten a lot of emails from East-Coasters saying they feel left out, and we agree. I've pasted a picture of our routing below. We're in the process of booking dates. Specifics cities are tentative and open to relocation if you feel like asking about a town that isn't listed, and would like to bring us in. To submit an offer for a show:

Marblehead Tour End (no text).jpg

There's No Place Like [The Great Nation of Texas] House Shows (Aug)

We got a lot of offers in from the country gentlemen in the great nation of Texas that we were not able to accommodate for the #ltpandgirlstour, so I'm going back in August for a week of house shows to make it up to them. Evenings will be themed, and tickets will be limited. More details to come, but if you're looking to host a living room extravaganza, get in touch with us, as we'll be locking this down within the month.

The Great North (Late August - September)

We're coming for you. Northern NM. Colorado. Wyoming. South Dakota. North Dakota. Minnesota. Iowa. Nebraska. Kansas. More. This was one of our favorite tours last year. I had just started school, and was writing thirty-page papers in our car from show to show. Glad I won't be doing that this time, and looking forward to being back. Specifics cities are tentative and open to relocation if you feel like asking about a town that isn't listed, and would like to bring us in. Below is an image of the routing for one option. To submit an offer for a show:

Lifelight Tour Map (no text).jpg


On October 5th, I'll be in Calistoga, CA for Rock Of Ages Festival, so I thought, why not spend a little more time out there, as well? I don't have routing set in stone for this one yet, so if you're interested, I'm hoping to set up six more shows in the region. First come, first serve. Get in touch if you're interested in taking one. 

Additionally, XXXChurch's Porn Kills Tour Video just released, and there are rumors of future dates for that event floating around.

September might be taking us back to both Seattle, and, perhaps further north into Canada.

West Coast, we haven't forgotten about you, and if you want to send any options our way, feel free, and we'll make it happen this fall.

You'll all know what's happening as plans develop and solidify.


Along with the upcoming tour planning, I'm doing a lot of writing, and have hopes for some pretty cool things ahead. Currently, among other things, I'm writing a piece for a hip-hop compilation that is set to drop in late summer / early fall. I believe that it will be made available for free download, and we should have a video release for it, as well. I'll let you know when I do. 

We're going to be doing some fun stuff with video in the months to follow, with a few different folks. Keep an ear peeled for release dates and what you can expect to see coming out in that medium. 

The XXXChurch Porn Kills Tour Video is now available for purchase as an HD Quality Download. It includes 2-Hours of Live Performance and Teaching with myself, Craig Gross, and Jeff Bethke, and 60 Minutes of Behind-The-Scenes. It's normally $20, but you can get five dollars off by entering "LEVI" as the promo code, here.


Rumor has it I'll be partnering with a few different artists for a few different EPs this year. 

Rumor has it there might be options for Seasons vinyl soon. 

Rumor has it there's a book in the works. 


A man makes his plans, and the Lord directs his steps. Like anything, plans change. I'm excited about this year, and thankful that even if absolutely nothing happens the way that I want it to, I've got a good dad that knows better. 


Looking forward to seeing you all. If you'd like to add something to these plans, we're open to it: