I'm giving away a friend's book.

My friend Craig Gross is releasing a new book called Open, and I'm going to give away some copies of that. I read this book a while ago, and I liked it. Craig has become a good friend of ours since he gave me a chance to get connected with XXXChurch a few years ago. He's probably one of the biggest supporters of Levi The Poet - even outside of anything related to Triple X - something we're so grateful for. 

This book challenged me. To be honest with you all, regardless of how much attention I have given to encouraging and (I hope) modeling a life of transparency, the word "accountability" bugs me. It makes me think of a bunch of Christians sitting around in a circle and talking about how accountable they are (I know because i did this), acting all Big Brother and scaring one another into self-righteousness, all the while patting each other on the back when they've "backslidden" and shrugging off sin because "everybody struggles, brother." Perhaps what I like most about Craig's book was his description of what accountability is not . I'm paraphrasing, but in essence, it is not a surveillance group, it is not sin management, it is not an attempt to work our way into heaven beneath some specific methodology.

Of course, people can make it into any one or all of those things, which is dangerous, because in doing so, we become arrogant moralists instead of humble people who recognize that they have been radically and undeservedly saved from sin and death. But when accountability looks like community living life together - for the purpose fleeing something, for the purpose of pursuing something, or, ultimately for the purpose of loving one another in relationships that reflect the Creator of them to one another - I do think that Jesus would call us to that kind of life.

Anyhow, Craig gave me ten, signed copies of Open  to give away. So that's what I'm going to do.

Here's how it'll work: we'll choose ten people that "share" this blog on Twitter - which is undoubtedly the best social networking site (haha) - in the next 24hrs, under the hashtag #GetOpen. Be sure to include that hashtag, or I won't be able to find you. I'll personally contact you for your mailing address and make sure you're taken care of. Thanks in advance for participating, and I hope that you enjoy. 


Levi The Poet