A blog can't adequately recap the last seven weeks of tour, mostly because my brain can't remember everything that made it what it was, but I at least wanted to write to say thank you to everyone who made the Levi The Poet's Mouth Tour possible. I decided halfway through the tour that I'm a failure at marketing and that the run would probably sound a whole lot more exciting to people if it had a name, so I called it the #ltpmouthtour because I knew that it was going to feature me and my mouth, and all of the noises that came out of it. 

A week and a half after the Girl's Tour we did down through the southeast, we left for this tour due northeast. Brandi and I left June 17th, and just got home today. Forty-nine dates total - exactly seven weeks (or, that's what Brandi told me - if the count is off, we'll all blame her). 

At any rate, we spent time in Texas, Oklahoma, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Michigan, Pennsylvania, New York, Rhode Island, Maryland, Virginia, New Jersey, North Carolina, and Tennessee. May a couple others states, as well. Honestly, we weren't sure what we'd be getting ourselves into when we headed out that way - Levi The Poet has yet to do much in the Northeast, and the gist of the only experience I'd previously had involved a lot of punching and getting cursed offstage. That being said, we decided that we really wanted to hit that part of the country this year, to invest in making it happen, even if it ended up being spotty. I don't like days off on the road. I guess I just always figure that I could take time off away from home where I don't know anyone, or I could take time off when I'm home with friends and family, so I always opt for the latter. But even the days off back east were fun - NYC, camping in southern Virginia, eight hours of laundry in North Carolina after all our merch got rained out (alright, admittedly, we'd have rather spared ourselves that last one). 

What I'm getting at is: thanks to everyone that came out to the shows and made this tour a great experience for us. Thanks to everyone that hosted us at their venue or home, anyone that bought a cd (or didn't), talked to us and made us feel welcome. I know LTP has been around for a while now, but after never having made it northeast, it was honestly such a humbling, inspiring experience to know that there are people who care about it out there, who have been able to connect to the poetry in one way or another, who mouthed the words to every poem and said they'd followed the project since the beginning. People who had been spared from suicide because Jesus used the content to inspire hope and faith in their lives. Freedom from addictions. Sparked passions for writing in hopes of connecting with and serving others. Blows my mind.

Completely blows my mind. 

So thank you guys. We know we're not entitled to any of this. From the depths of our hearts, thank you for caring. Thank you for caring for us. Thank you for letting us be a part of your lives. I hope that this will have been the first of many opportunities to come back and see you again. 

We love you a lot.



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