The Moore You Know

Last week, a friend of mine from Albuquerque asked to interview me for his new podcast, The Moore You Know. Eventually, the vision is for this podcast to be a go-to for ABQ culture. I am excited to follow it, and wanted to introduce it to you:

The Moore You Know was started this month, January 2014, by host Andrew Moore. Andrew has been living in Albuquerque for 15 years and loves it. Daily, Andrew is listening to podcasts on all different topics. One day it hit him, "Why isn't there a podcast about Albuquerque?" This didn't leave his mind for a very long time. One morning he woke up with a clarity and passion he has never felt before, and he knew that he had to start it. The passion and love that Andrew has for this city is so great, and he wants that to share that with listeners. Whether they be from Albuquerque, the state of New Mexico or elsewhere, he wants people to be informed of the strong culture that exists here.

Here is our interview. We talk about DC Talk, Tolkien, and how social media has made me less social. Enjoy:

The Moore You Know with Levi The Poet