The Final Countdown for Correspondence (a fiction)

In less than one week, the Correspondence (a fiction) story will come to life! I remember the very first meetings we had of what this record / tale would become, Here's a picture from that day: 


Seeing this album come to life with the help of Drew Schrimscher, Andy Othling, Brandi Garcia, Alex Sugg and Donovan Media (picture taker) was more than I ever could have dreamed of. having the opportunity to collaborate with such incredibly talented people brought this project to a place that could never have been accomplished were I to attempt it on my own. I'm not a photographer. I'm not an insane sound engineer genius. I've not the mind of a composer. I've not the organizational skills to coordinate anything. I've not the vision (or the white board) to plan out a campaign and see it come to fruition. 

We've all put so much into making Correspondence (a fiction) what it is. I hope that you love it as much as we do. 

If you haven't yet, check out the preorder packages that are still available this week at our online store. Or, preorder digitally through Bandcamp or iTunes and get an immediate download of Chapter Three: The Great American Game.

We have so much more to come surrounding this record. For the time being, I'd like to commission your collective voices leading up to / on the day of this record release, Monday the 17th. Can't wait for you to hear it, mull it over, and enter the story yourselves!