Ugly Sweater Christmas Party Tour Dates w/ Red Sweater Lullaby

I guess it's time to tell you that I'm going to go on a Christmas tour with Red Sweater Lullaby in a couple of weeks. They're all going to be Christmas parties of some sort, so I'd encourage you to wear the ugliest holiday sweater you've got. You just might win something. I'm going to be telling the entire Correspondence (a fiction) story each evening, and Kris is going to kick out the jams.

Some nights are going to have potlucks. Some nights, Ugly Seater Competitions. Some nights, Christmas cocktails. Some nights, living room coziness. All the addresses and details are listed below. The goal of this tour is to hang out and have fun. Hopefully we can all accomplish that together. See you soon, and Happy Thanksgiving!

Levi The PoetComment