A Week of Fiction

It has been one full week since Correspondence (a fiction) went live. The feedback we've gotten has been incredible. We've had friends, family and fans ask about initial reactions to this record release, so I wanted to say: we're overwhelmed. 

One of the things that I never understood about Kickstarter - and one of the things that I'm so grateful YOU did - is the fact that it moves a piece of art from mine to ours.

I hope you feel that way, and I hope that you're satisfied with the art that you've invested in. I know the whole thing isn't a business transaction, but if we are to use those terms, then I hope that your investment returns itself tenfold in the story that it is now before you, and that you do find your own [non]fiction in the narrative, so to speak. 

I've got a request for you, and it's inspired by my good pal, Macklemore (in my dreams). The independent guru himself said, "Nowadays, make good music and the people are your label." My request, then: Would you keep being a great label? You guys have absolutely killed the PR for this release thus far, and I'm so very thankful for your excitement. You can't buy that kind of energy and joy with money. It's priceless.

Would you keep spreading the word with me? Keep tweeting lyrics and tagging pictures and writing blogs and interacting with folks? Keep inviting others into the story?

Thank you for your belief. If it's not in me, if it's not in us, it's in one who lives through and before and beyond it all. Thank you for loving us well.

Seriously, thank you for loving us so very well. 


Levi The PoetComment