I'm Thankful For You

Perhaps this will only be seen as playing into the cliche that is Thanksgiving, but not all things are marketing schemes, and I wanted to express my gratitude to those of you who have been a part of what Levi The Poet has been / is throughout the years. In recent months, especially, I have been taken aback on multiple occasions - whether on a drive to a new city for a show, or when the kickstarter campaign for Correspondence reached its goal, or when a fan reached out to say they appreciated the artwork, or when a student let us know they saw the presence of Christ in us - at just how incredibly special it is to have the opportunity to do what we do. At how undeserving we are of the kindness that you, and through you, the Lord, has shown us. Tonight - Thanksgiving night - I just wanted to say thank you. To let you know we cherish you.

Just that. 

And now I'm gonna go make coffee for my family, and if my uncle catches me with my phone, he's flush it down the toilet, because he said none of us can use our phones today (which has really been quite relaxing. We should all not use our phones together more often). 

Goodnight all. Thank you for the gift that you are to us. 

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