A Letter To All Of My Ugly Friends

When Kris, Brandi and I started talking about doing a small string of Christmas Party dates, we didn't know what they'd be like and, as we've grown fond of saying: "You never know until you know." 

Red Sweater Lullaby has been great as an acoustic set, and I've really been enjoying performing Correspondence (a fiction) as a story, even without all of the amazing music that Alex Sugg wrote to carry it along so well on the album. I can't wait to do the story with audio/visual someday. 

When we decided on dates for this miniature run, I suppose I didn't take into consideration that the vast majority of schools and colleges would be celebrating winter break and/or graduation (as I write this, I'm listening to Kris play his set in Lubbock... two miles from Texas Tech, where caps are flying). Or, for example, I hadn't a clue that Baylor would be playing across the street from our show last week when we were in Waco for one of the biggest games of the year. I suppose a "spoken-word/acoustic ugly sweater Christmas party tour" is about as niche-market as you can get regardless of what else is happening around it. After all, it's a special group of people that want to cozy up in a room with strangers and have a bunch of feelings stirred up together. 

But to all of the folk - hosts or hosted - that wore your ugly sweaters and made it on out to our evenings together: thanks. We wanted this to be a laid-back, pre-Christmas hang that was fun for both parties, and I think, for the most part, we've accomplished that, and gathered thoughts on how to make it even better if we decide to do it again. Maybe we'll even take it outside of Texas, although I guess we'll have to call it something else. 

That's okay, we're not really calling it the Everything Is Bigger In Texas Except For These Small Christmas Parties Tour anyway. It takes too long to type out everywhere.   

We've got one more Ugly Sweater Christmas Tour party tomorrow night in Amarillo but for now,

Merry Christmas.


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