Correspondence (a fiction) now available for licensing through The Music Bed

I am pleased to announce that Correspondence (a fiction) is now available for licensing through our new friends at The Music Bed

This is something I'm really excited about. The Music Bed works with musicians and artists to provide licensable content to filmmakers, commercial projects, non-profits, etc. If you interested in licensing a song of mine, or my friends Alex Sugg or Andy Othling who are the backbone of the Correspondence project, or any number of inspiring artists, Music Bed is a great place to start. 

When Alex and I started talking about plans for Correspondence, we hoped that we'd be able to come up with something accessible to others, as well. A story that points beyond itself, melodies that can exist beyond the context of the story. Thanks to Music Bed, Correspondence (a fiction) is now available for licensing, and they've even had the back of my orange head swiveling around their homepage all week.

There are both instrumental and full tracks available if you happen to be a video maker, live performer, commercial somebody, etc. interested in integrating this story into yours. I hope you love it. 

Levi The PoetComment