Death Delete Presents: Red Sweater Lullaby w/ Poetry by Levi

RSL #1.jpg

To those of you that follow this blog in Albuquerque and surrounding areas… we've got something special happening in town a week from today. 

Red Sweater Lullaby is the solo project from Kris Rochelle, drummer for the band listener, eBay extraordinaire, and friend. On Tuesday, March 4th, he is going to be touring through Albuquerque, and we'll be hosting him at Winnings Coffee Co, brought to you by Death Delete. 

I'm going to be saying some things, as well, but don't think Levi The Poet. Just regular old Levi Macallister storytelling.

$5 Suggested Donation (we won't turn anyone away, but please consider keeping gas in the band's van, and feel free to give more if you'd like).

Come have a cup of coffee, support local, and enjoy.

Winnings Coffee Co.

111 Harvard Dr. SE

Albuquerque, NM 87106

6-8 pm. 

Let us know that you're coming at our Facebook Event Page, here.