Death Delete: Red Sweater Lullaby at Winning Coffee Co.

Winning Coffee Co. is a staple in Albuquerque. Located directly across the street from the University of New Mexico, the coffee shop is home to a mass collision of culture in the city's versatile Nob Hill area... 

Man, I should write company bios or something. 

Anyway, Death Delete hosted Red Sweater Lullaby at Winning's Coffee two days ago. Or, more like Winning's Coffee hosted all of us. After their first show dropped in Flagstaff, the two piece (three if you count the computer) played the first RSL show ever in Albuquerque's Bricklight District on Tuesday night. 

Red Sweater Lullaby is the solo project from Kris Rochelle, drummer for the band Listener, eBay extraordinaire, and friend. Kris' childhood bandmate, Tim, accompanied him on guitar, and last night, they played El Paso for date two of the RSL Ultra-Mega Minotour. 

Randy Bowen, from the band Archibald, whom I have played numerous shows with over the years, including a Cornerstone Festival generator stage spot that I don't think I'll ever forget, opened up the night with an acoustic set. 

I read a story that I wrote. It took a really long time, and some random guy and his child stood behind me for most of it, stapling flyers to a wall, before he waved his album in front of my face while I read, and dropped it on the ground at my feet. I forget the name of his cd now, but I know that there are a lot of different fonts for all of the song names, and Kris and I were trying to decide whether, from the typography, he was a rapper, or played in a metal band. 

Shows are adventures. My friend Zephan reminded me of that when I realized we had none of the sound equipment we needed two hours prior to soundcheck. But when like minded people come together to make the pieces fit, events like these are also such an amazing picture of community. Like when Zephan helped get everything. Like when I watched Aaron and Stefan carry mixing boards and XLRs and mics and whatever else I don't know about because I read poetry and don't ever need any of it. Or when Drew took pictures and documented the night in an amazing photo blog. Or when everyone donated money to make sure the band was going to have gas and food. Or when they talked at the souvenir table. Or when they just decided to come and be present in their city.

Five years ago, I never would have thought I'd say this, but I love Albuquerque and the community of people that I get to interact with here. Friends, family, acquaintances, strangers. I love the people that pass through. In the last two months, Death Delete has hosted three very different shows with folks who write about and think about and believe all kinds of different things - an all-local gig, a rap show, and a music project whose first EP was recorded on an iPad in Norrtalje, Sweden. That spectrum attracts different colors, and perhaps, if I may share a half-participant/half-spectator's take on a project that isn't my brainchild, that's a recognized beauty behind the idea of Death Delete.

Death has been deleted for all people, there is no partiality.

Bring it on.

Red Sweater Lullaby's The Norrtalje EP was one of my Top Ten Albums of 2013, along with Listener's Time Is A Machine, and you can read about that (and them) here.

You can follow Red Sweater Lullaby on Twitter at @RSLband, and Kris Rochelle at @KrisRochelle.


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