Like You Care (Weekly Roundup): 3 / 9 / 14

Like You Care is a Weekly Roundup that I post every Saturday. I started doing it with nothing more than the thought that I enjoy rabbit trails left by artists I follow, and maybe you do, too. This is content that I've been jamming, reading or watching throughout the week, and found interesting enough to share. Please keep in mind, "interesting" does not equal "endorsement", but maybe we can all have a conversation about some of it like civilized people. Feel free to start one in the comments section below. 


Nothing Stops Detroit

16MM and Super 8MM mini-documentary from Riley Blakeway on Evan Rossell's painting trip to Detroit City, MI.


25 portraits creating 25 different mini-stories. Every person and every eye is shown behind a surface: glass, plastic, water, etc. Its an outside-in view on all these characters.

A Handy Tip for the Easily Distracted

I don't really think I'd risk it.




My sister's description: "It's a basis for connection through social networking sites. Bible/Jesus believing centered community. Connecting through SM but also have featured artists or individuals on the website to share what different people are doing. Advocates for the End It movement, and other foundations to make the world cool. Website man; look at the website!"

Here I Cultivate

New photo blogging project from Drew Schrimsher, one of the men behind most LTP video work. The header is his picture.



Might As Well Burn That Bridge All The Way Down To The Pilings

Seth Godin. Enough said.

I Doubt God

"I am, therefore I doubt." Os Guinness




Reminded me of Bright Eyes. He probably hates hearing that, but I've listened to every album because of it, so I'd say it's a fair trade.


Love their remixes. Great writing music.



Collage Art By Jesse

Got to get some prints from this dude.

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