My Friends In White Collar Sideshow Are Going To Germany

In 2009, I toured with White Collar Sideshow for the first time. A mutual friend, Doug Van Pelt of HM Magazine, introduced me to T, their frontman, at Cornerstone that year. That was back when he still had seven million piercings all over his face and hadn't lost himself in the world of Maury mornings. 

At any rate, I fell in love with what they were doing. Their boldness in sharing a painful testimony on touchy subjects, and the excellence with which they did it, encouraged me. Inspired me. I toured with them quite a bit over the years leading up to my marriage, when Brandi and I moved into their 35ft RV full time… 

I don't think it was the easiest year of our life - two newlyweds trying to make the road work with three other people and their dogs, and whoever else happened to be touring with us at the time - but we were family, and it really felt like that. T, V and the Pig are some of my best friends in the whole world, and they gave Brandi and me a chance to be together, to serve and minister to people who's stories resonated with our own, and to have a sense of community when so many people are alone out on these highways. I wouldn't trade it. 

Right now, WCS is in the middle of a fundraiser in hopes of attending the Steiger Mission School in East Germany. They're about a quarter of the way funded, with 9 days to go. The school has a track specific to equipping touring artists for being sent into the world beyond church walls for effective mission. You can read all about it - including their specific prayer and financial needs - here. 

We're excited about what the Lord has in store for White Collar Sideshow.  If you've got fifteen minutes today, and maybe an extra fifteen bucks to spare, will you check it out and consider helping them get to Germany? 

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