Three New Videos: Live at The Anthem Slam

Today, I am posting three live videos of my competition pieces for last week's Anthem Poetry Slam: Resentment, Kaleidoscope, and Infirmary

First, a few thoughts: 

These pieces are far too long for a strict slam setting, so before all the real poets that are always on my case about how I don't know anything about competing get all upset... well anyway...

There are plenty of videos of Kaleidoscope and Resentment out there, live or otherwise. But I had so much fun delivering both pieces to an audience completely outside of the world I'm usually a part of that I wanted to share them with you. 

I was surprised at how poorly Kaleidoscope was received. The judges scored low. From all that I've ever come into contact with regarding the slam world, so much of its content revolves around social justice, women's rights, sexual exploitation (or sexuality in general), the oppressed poor and marginalized, etc, so I thought Kaleidoscope would be perfect. Alas, whether it was the performance of it or otherwise, I cut it off before you get the scores because that's what simple edits will do when we want to make everyone online think that we're the kings of everything.

Infirmary is one of my favorite poems, and I've been performing it live for years, but never posted a video of it. I wrote it about my friends at Solace Church in Joplin, Missouri. Any touring artists out there know that they've been a staple venue for solid shows in SW MO for years. I'm thankful to call them family. 

As always, I hope you them, and are loved through them.