Become A Part Of Our Booking Team

Almost daily, we get comments, messages, or emails from fans asking Levi The Poet to "come to our town!" or wondering "why don't you ever make it out here?" More often than not, our answer is: Good question, are you interested in making it happen? 

It's always been my desire to take this art wherever people wanted it, regardless of location, venue, and price. Now, I've got a wife, and nothing seems to get cheaper, so we've had to make adjustments over the years, but that same hope to reach big cities expands to Podunk towns and nowhere venues. In fact, some of those shows have been the best shows. 

In an attempt for us to plan out the rest of this year, and the years to come, and to make sure that we're doing everything within our power to get this project in front of the folks that want to experience it, we're inviting you to become part of our contact list

Our friends Shelby Short and Jonathan Wilson over at The Action Agency are helping us with some booking plans as of late. Don't worry, we won't hassle you, but we will be able to contact you with booking opportunities when we're looking to route a tour through your town. 

Whether it's a concert, poetry slam, writing workshop, university showcase, camp, conference, or your house, here's to expanding the LTP Family for years to come.