The BadChristian Podcast - Episode #54: Levi The Poet

About a year ago, a couple of guys from the band Emery - Matt and Toby - and their friend, Joey, started a podcast / media collective named "BadChristian". My wife and I, and a lot of people here in Albuquerque, actually (not to mention the rest of the world), have listened to almost every episode. 

Today, I'm honored to be having a conversation with them on the podcast. We're discussing my dad's suicide, depression and mental illness. We're talking about poetry and yelling at people. We're talking about how Toby rebuked a bunch of Emery fans at a festival we both played at, and how my wife probably dislikes people as much as Matt does. If you get the time, listen for yourself, here:

Episode #54: Levi The Poet

Thanks y'all. Have a beautiful week!


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