Freezing Cold Midwest U.S.

It's 9:15 in the morning in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and I just hopped on I-40 headed east toward Kansas City. Don't worry, I'm using Siri's voice recognition. Totally legal. Plus my wife told me that I can't text and drive today, so here I am talking to myself.  

I'll be in the city for the next two days meeting up with the film crew (and the hosts of our Kansas City show on Monday) to shoot a couple of videos for two of my older and favorite poems that I've always wanted to shoot videos for. I'm excited to work with these guys. A couple of months ago they sent me a sample video that they did on their own accord - totally out of the blue - and put a ton of work into just to show their talents and abilities. I think you're really going to enjoy what comes out of it.

Then, Sunday marks the beginning of Your Friendly Christmas Tour with Dan Smith and Kris Rochelle from Red Sweater Lullaby. We are kicking it off with a living room show/Christmas party in Topeka, Kansas.  if those of you that try to keep up on the news with any of the three of us have been living underneath a rock for the last two months, we are starting at two week long tour of homes where each of the shows is going to be a Christmas-themed party. A couple of locations are hosting a white elephant gift exchange. I'm sure that there will be an ugly sweater party at some point. Nashville was talking about an Elvis Christmas, although they might've ended up landing on a party themed more around The Office instead. Excluding Columbus, each of these shows is limited to rarely more than 40 people per night. Living rooms can only hold so many bodies, you know. Whitehouse (Toledo), Ohio, for instance, is only allowing 25 people through the door. 

Since we have posted tickets available for sale online, some of you have been asking whether the prices are typos. It's true, entry is a little bit steeper than it would be for a normal tour date. But what you will be getting with entry is not a normal tour date. That same Whitehouse show, for instance, comes with a full-blown meal and  Christmas punch cocktails, in a cabin.  They are not the only ones serving food and drink, either.

Every night of the tour, Kris and I will be Chemex brewing coffee for our guests. All three of us as artists wrote a special, and original, Christmas song or poem specifically for this tour. We also learned a few covers that will all get to enjoy together. We will be singing Christmas carols and reading Christmas stories in between sets. More than anything, will all be able to enjoy the coziness of Christmas time cheer together.

All of that to say, if you haven't gotten your ticket yet and we're coming to your town, or near to your town, pick one up for you and a friend before they're gone. I think it will be worth it. If tickets don't sell out online, you will have the opportunity to purchase them at the door, but once we hit the cap, that will be that. If you think it would be fun to come make some memories with us, snag one now rather than risk not being able to snag one later.

Alright, well, I've got a twelve hour drive ahead of me and the seventh and final of Stephen King's Dark Tower series to listen to on Audible. 

Over and out. 

 (Edited, with love, at Love's Truck Stop.)



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