4 Year Anniversary Sale + The Beginning / The Separation Video


Brandi and I have been married for four years today, but we've been "a thing" since 2007. When I first met Brandi, I was still in high school with a curfew at my parent's house, and she lived in her own house with an associate's degree close at hand. I guess she robbed the cradle...?

Whatever she did, I love her. I wrote a blog for her a couple of months ago after reading Stephen King's "On Writing", where he describes his wife's crucial support with thanks. 

Every year on our anniversary, I have hosted a Bandcamp Sale on all of my Levi The Poet albums. I guess it's a way to invite you all into the celebration. This year will be no different. Beginning right now, all of my albums are available for $4 at levithepoet.bandcamp.com, until 9 AM Friday morning - even Correspondence (a fiction). (For those of you that stay up late, I guess you get a little more than 24 hours). 

In addition to that, I wanted to share a video we recorded of The Beginning / The Separation with you in honor of Holy Week. If you haven't had a chance to check it out yet, you can download that single for free this week, here.

Proverbs says that he who finds a wife finds a good thing. I believe that's true. I'm certainly thankful for mine. I hope that you enjoy both the sale and the video. Have a beautiful Easter weekend... and keep your eyes pealed.

I may have something else for you soon. 


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