A Letter To My Fellow Joy Seekers - Thank You

About three weeks ago, I got the bright idea that it would be fun to write two new poems for Good Friday and Easter, and that I would wrangle my friends into the chaos:  Donovan Medina on the editing, Alex Sugg on the music, Drew Schrimsher on the video, and Andy Othling on the audio recording. 

It was a crazy week. And I wrestled through much of it leading up to the releases because I didn't want to commercialize Jesus as a means to selfish ends - either perceivably by you, or truthfully by me. I didn't want to be a glory-thief. My heart's desire was to create two resources that would be an expression of the depth of what we remembered and celebrated this weekend... but scripture doesn't have a lot of great things to say about the desires of the heart. I talked a bit about my own heart's tendencies in Tetelestai. Paul asks the Corinthians why, if everything they have is from God, they would ever boast as though it were not a gift...?

It's all a gift.

So I went back and forth before and throughout this weekend - checking motives and praying that, even in the times that pride began to swell, Jesus would work in spite of me to redeem those wanderings - the same way that he worked to rescue us from all of our wanderings away from the foot of that cross we just celebrated together. 

All of that to say, I am still thankful for the feedback, and I am still thankful that Tetelestai and Joy Seekers seem to have accomplished what I had hoped for - a resource, a relatable expression, and worshipful rejoicing - for you who were able to enter into those stories with me. 

Thank you for helping me share those poems this weekend. We have no need to relevant-ize scripture, because it is timeless, and timely, always. I hope that whatever of it expressed in each of these recent poems will prove to have a similar quality, and that they will be helpful to you beyond the borders of one weekend. 

For the honor and the glory of the one from whom, through whom, by whom and for whom all things exist, 

it has been a joy.


Levi The PoetComment