Why Snapchat?

It's been a full week since I created a Levi The Poet snapchat, which I've mostly used for fun (funny?), obnoxious shorts I've dubbed Daily Lyrics or Daily Snapsongs, where I sing a horrible version of some lyrics that I like, or maybe lyrics that I don't like, or some lyric from some artist or band for some reason. 


I mean, it's honestly hard work to manage a bunch of different social media channels, and configure content according to each of them, and to curate information appropriate (maybe even specific) to each one, etc. So why add another one? 

Aside from keeping up with the Joneses, Snapchat, it seems, is a good way to take myself less seriously. My wife's always telling me to relax or loosen up. Snapchat is a way to laugh, and maybe even to make other people laugh, too. 

For years, I found it extremely awkward to try to tell people jokes at shows. I don't think they knew how to handle it. I was the kid who wrote about depression, porn and suicide, and none of those things are all that funny, so any time I'd go for a joke, it seemed to fall flat.

Granted, my sense of humor is usually pretty dry, and perhaps I'm just a horrible joke-teller. It's like my goal in life to see to it that at some point during my time on this earth, my wife will think I'm funny.

But I love to laugh. Sure, there's deep pain in my story, and probably in yours, but any comedian you ask will tell you that that's the stuff laughter comes from, and there's a whole other side of my personality that doesn't really fit the poets-are-serious-all-the-time brand. 

So anyway, lets keep talking and lets keep laughing. 

In addition to what I hope will provide some solid laughter, and some sneak-attack-Snaps that my wife will undoubtedly take of our cat, Gilbert, you can expect to see some discount codes and store sales that will be 100% exclusive to the Snapchat community, as well - likely at random and without warning. If you want to be in on the secrets, find me by my username - levithepoet - or scan your phone over this weird QR code thing. 

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