Three Years of Fiction

I already posted about this all over social media, but it felt wrong not to say a bit more. 

My album Correspondence (a fiction) is three years old today. It’s hard to believe. I’ve talked about that record quite a bit lately with guys that I write and record with back in Albuquerque - Alex Sugg and Andy Othling

There was so much that went into the Correspondence project. 

I remember the day the idea popped into my head, and the meetings that I had with my friend Donovan - all geeked out with his whiteboard and dry erase markers - ready to take on the world. We made mood boards in Evernote. We listened to other records for ideas. We put calendars together to help us stay on track for the project. Kickstarter was the craziest thing I’d ever done. The whole thing felt like this huge, comprehensive undertaking that - somehow (either “by grace or by fate or by luck or by mercy…”) – came together. 

I can’t believe it’s been three whole years since this album came out. 

That’s - like - an eternity in today’s music world. I’ve had about a billion panic attacks about how long it’s been between the Correspondence record and all of the new stuff we’ve been working on. It doesn’t make sense to me that you guys have helped me provide for my wife and our life together for three. whole. years. off of a record that I was terrified everyone was going to hate. 

Words will not do my thanks justice, but they are - so often - all I’ve got. So thank you. 

Thanks to Donovan and Alex and Andy and Drew and Brianna and Timothy and Caleb and every single Kickstarter backer and every single person who's written in or come to a show or streamed online or bought a record since then. 

It feels very much like a miracle, and I'm willing to say that it is one. 

Today – in light of the 3-year anniversary – I've made all three "Correspondence" releases 3 bucks. 

You can find / purchase them by clicking here.

(Or don't, you know? Being an adult is crazy.)

We're on the road right now, headed to St. Louis. Three more shows before this tour ends, as well. Seems like a theme today. 

Love you all. Thankful for you all. So appreciative of and humbled by you all.

With love and sincerity and all that I have to offer, 




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