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Yesterday, we made our second print in the Poster Collections series available to our e-newsletter subscribers. We planned these releases in such a way that first dibs always go to the mailing list. So if you haven't signed up for it yet, do it now, because today, Poster No. 02: Answers are already gone. 

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Really talented people exist in this world, and one of them is a man from Oklahoma City, OK, named Ashton Owens. We partnered with Ashton at Wheelhouse Creative to showcase his typography through a series of Correspondence (a fiction)-inspired, screen-printed posters, which are being released as limited-edition, first-come-first-serve 11"x17" prints.

Last month we released the first poster in our Collections series, and we'll be putting out one a month for the remainder of 2015. Each will feature a different lyric from the album. Each will be hand-numbered. 

When we released No. 01: Coffins, it was gone in 48 hours. This second print, No. 02: Answers, was gone in twelve, before we even made it known to the public. Does one of them belong to you? Think you'll be quick enough to collect them all?

Sign up for our e-newsletter to be sure you are. We won't send you mindless garbage or overload you with manipulative clickbait. If anything, you'll get some news, some blogs, and first dibs on good gigs. 

And as always, thank you for the care that you extend toward us and our livelihood as we continue to try to create, live and honor the one whose presence we long to know, even above our want for answers. 


Pick up a t-shirt to match your Answers print, a headshot of The Girl who wrote the line to her lover, or a classic LTP floral tee, and we'll get it sent out before the end of the week. 

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