Tomorrow: Our First-Ever Fraction Hangout

Good morning, world! 

I'm not going to keep you long, but for those of you who have been following along with what we've recently launched with Fraction, I wanted to announce that I will be hosting the first of our monthly Fraction Hangouts tomorrow night – Thursday, April 6th, at 6pm Mountain Time Zone. 

I know it's impossible to work with everyone's best time for these hangouts, and I'm sure we'll fluctuate as the months go by, but Thursdays seemed to work best for the majority of people who've given their availability. 

That said, the Fraction Hangout is only available to paid members at this time. If you'd like to become a part of Fraction and support the ongoing LTP Weekly Letter project, and the rest of what Levi The Poet is, as a whole, here's your invitation to sign up before tomorrow evening and hang out with us to kick it off.

The Hangout is available through both the Monthly and Yearly Fraction packages. 

I appreciate you very much. Thanks for being a part of this life with us.