Masturbation + Purity + A Conversation That Won't Satisfy Either Of Us

Many of you know that I am on the speaking team for I also blog for them from time to time, though it's been quite a while. Recently, though, I was given the assignment to write an answer to the question, "Is Masturbation Keeping Me Pure?" Pretty crazy prompt, honestly. Sort of presupposes that whoever were to write the blog is actively participating in the act, but I went with it. After all, it's a question I've wrestled with, but I've got to say, it's uncomfortable to dive into. At any rate, I won't spell it all out for you here when I've already written about it there, but it has sparked up quite the conversation. 

Here's the blog: Is Masturbation Helping Me Stay Pure?

Here's where most of conversation is happening (largely by people who have not read the blog, go figure): Facebook Interaction

Like I said when I posted this on Twitter: It was a doozy to write, and it won't satisfy anyone. Here you go.

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