What's Your Name, Again?

I think I might have a serious problem that has permanently destroyed my brain's ability to remember names.

My friend Brett has this problem, too.  

The one where you're part of the prayer team at church and the weeping woman who came to the front to be anointed with oil has told you her name no less than fifteen times and as soon as you lay hands on her you start to pray for "your sister, this beautiful daughter of God."

Or when you're at a show and the guy comes up to your merchandise table and tells you how glad he is to be able to see and support you... again... because he's actually the promoter who showed you incredible amounts of hospitality and payed you last time you were in town and you're standing there smiling telling him how he looks so familiar but you can't quite pin it down. 

Or when the girl who loves your art started attending your church two months ago and since then you've introduced yourself to her every week during meet and greet just before the sermon begins and she barely has enough time to tell you that this has happened five times consecutively during the entire series of the book of James but you're still smiling as you turn around in the middle of her sentence and wondering if your wife is for real when she says you never listen, or if you've already begun to go insane in your early twenties, or if you'll get the chance to meet that girl at the end of the service again.  

I don't think saying names three times works, though.  


Levi The PoetComment