#BeginningsTour Day No. 01

I decided on a whim that I'm going to blog my way through this tour. I did that once before last November while out on the west coast with Sean Michel, so it seems appropriate to do so out east now. 

On that tour, though, I think I tried pretty hard to have something very interesting to say each day. I don't know if I'm going to try that hard on this one. It'll just be some thoughts (and maybe they'll be daily), if anyone's interested in them. Good habit to get into as a writer - getting things out of my  skull. 

Meanwhile, those of you that followed me through the project / person blog separation this April can all giggle together with / at me as the line is blurred again and I wonder what the point of doing all of that was. 

Oh well. 

GLOWHOUSE just played his first set of tour. It's amazing. We're gonna have Drake tweeting about it any day now. Lowercase Noises is setting up now while somebody from the audience does magic card tricks. I mean magic. Not tricks. I mean I don't know. 

This tour is all about sensory overload. We're running visuals throughout the entire show for each of our sets. Couldn't ask for a better system to play on for the first night, either. Setting the bar high. 

I can't tell you how good it is to be out with my friends on the road again. I've toured less this year than I ever have since the start of Levi The Poet back in '09, so it feels great to be back out, and great to be with close friends for the first major thing we've done in 2014. Usually it's just Brandi and I touring together, which we love, but the prospect of experiencing consistent community where we're usually otherwise ostracized from it is exciting. 

Two people from the show tonight - including the promoter - helped fund our recent Kickstarter package with the "get your own show" incentive, and I didn't know about either of them! I feel like an idiot. So amazing, though. Humbling to put faces to names and know that these guys really care about what Jesus is doing through this project. 

I can't wait to spend this month on the road. Pray with me that we don't die in a wreck, or get one single scratch on the very neat minivan we're currently renting as our tour vehicle. Haha. 

Well, here's to day no. 01.

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