#BeginningsTour Day No. 04

Driving from Joplin to Nashville today. Andy loves 80s jams and driving on top of the rumble strips. 

On Saturday, our friends in Kansas City took us to a Royals game. It's the first time I've been to a major league game since I was a little boy. Brandi and I got Dippin Dots. Banana split. 

KC's show was great. I guess it wasn't KC proper, but we booked it less than ten days out and as a last-minute gig, it was a lot better than a lot of not-last-minute-gigs. Hopefully that means we'll finally have a consistent crew to come through up there. Dan Smith and Red Sweater Lullaby got to play, as well. Always fun to see them, and Dan treated us to some delicious KC Boulevard Brewery Double IPA. 

Overnight drives, late nights and early mornings. Already so tired but worth it to hang with friends we don't often see. Looking forward to NashVegas tonight. Playing a spot called Exponent Manor. Love Rocketown but interested to see what a different place is like. 

Our friend Drew Schrimsher flew into KC yesterday and will be out with us for a full week, filming, shooting. He's amazing. He's done the last few LTP videos, and is shooting this tour doc / making-of Correspondence (a fiction) doc / being a rad-tabular guy. You can check him out at hereicultivate.com. 

Always blown away by the stories that LTP-followers bring to shows with them. Stories of sympathy. Stories that break my heart and give me hope for repair. If you're reading this, and you've shared yours, thank you. The kindness you bring is so encouraging. Such a wonderful reminder that God is in the business of redemption, and that our struggles are not all for naught. We're in this thing together. I believe that. 

So looking forward to spending the rest of this Beginnings Tour with you. 

With love. 

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