#BeginningsTour Day No. 07

We're in Columbus, Ohio tonight and I'm writing this on my phone while I think about just how much I am on my phone, which is far too much. I just relabeled all of my "social networks" as "anti-social networks", but I doubt the irony will ever be anything more than just... irony. 

We ate at a wonderful gourmet hot dog restaurant today named Dirty Franks, and then walked around German Village. There's a smaller-scale Oregon-Powell’s-style bookstore here, so we got lost in it and time-lapsed our journey throught the rooms. Kris Rochelle would like everyone to know that it is no Powell's.

The drives on this first leg of tour are pretty killer. Today was the first day we haven't been in the car straight up to the show. 

Levi The PoetComment