#BeginningsTour Day No. 11

After the show in Horseheads two nights ago, we all went down to a coffee / brewery / bagel / sandwich shop in Ithica named Collegetown Bagels near Cornell University. 

Our close friend, Drew Schrimsher, who was out with us this last week shooting video for a tour documentary, flew home that night... Sort of. We took him to the airport around three a.m. for a six o'clock departure. When he connected at Chicago O'Hare, though, they delayed his flight.. all day. Apparently a tower caught on fire? We got a message from him at 11 p.m. last night that he was finally flying home. 

I hate flying through O'Hare. 

I wish I could describe how beautiful this part of the country is. The way the trees are beginning to change and their density blends into itself until it's a calico of oranges, reds, yellows, greens, browns. Rivers and the bridges above the gaps. Waterfalls. The brewery that overlooks Seneca Lake. 

Yesterday, our friends David and Christy Dier took us out for one of the best off days I can remember having. I feel like an excited child on Christmas morning thinking about it. Home cooked-meals, Two Goats and Rooster Fish breweries, cigars and lakeside talks. Even finished it out with some Indian cuisine and Need For Speed (better than I expected). 

Anyhow, maybe it's all boredom to anyone else, but we're really thankful for the friends we have all over this country. 

Tonight, we're playing Elephant Graveyard in Chester before heading up to Oneonta for a couple nights in and around Hartwick College, and then taking a day to kick around NYC. 

Should have some announcements regarding Correspondence (a fiction) releases soon, if we can ever get the interwebz for long enough to organize our plans to post them. 

Till next time. 

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