10 Reasons That I Think My Wife Is Better At Writing These Lists Than I Am

Day Day No. 15 of the 2015 Ten Ideas A Day Challenge.

Brandi's lists are awesome. They're way cooler than mine are and she does them in half the time. Here are some sneaking suspicions I have for why:

  1. She's not a perfectionist.
  2. She has more fun than I do.
  3. She's more lighthearted than I am.
  4. She doesn't process everything verbally, so when she writes, all kinds of previously unheard thoughts come out, and I learn something new every time.
  5. She's better at poking fun than I am.
  6. She doesn't run everything that happens through a theologically over-analytical filter to try to understand the why behind it, nor the appropriateness of it.
  7. She does have a filter though - it's just altogether different than mine.
  8. She might not have a filter.
  9. She is concise.
  10. Aspects of her personality and mindset come through that would otherwise remain unspoken. I have always thought that when people actually take the time to write out their thoughts, they get to the heart of things unheard in conversation, and you get to hear aspects of who they are that you otherwise wouldn't. (Of course, the reverse of that could be true, if you err towards cynicism, because you can craft any version of yourself that you want to craft for the public eye from behind a computer screen...) But, based upon the assumption that my wife isn't a manipulative egomaniac, I enjoy reading the things she has to write, and I would probably not hear them without the daily challenge, so... thanks Craig, you butthole. 
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